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Flashback to maybe three months ago.

I was sitting in front of my laptop thinking of how I might move forward with the whole blogging business.  I was having trouble with my layouts and decided that perhaps I ought not to be too dependent on ready-made blogging sites (such as the one I’m using now), that I ought to plunge in and face the challenges and therefore reap the glorious benefits of working with HTML.

Of course nothing quells such ambition as a healthy dose of reality.

This is not to say I gave up right away.  In fact, at one point, I had so many tabs for all the sites I had to go to for tutorials.  It was almost like chemistry class.  Everything flew over my head.  Well, a better description might be that line from Across the Universe that goes: “words meander like a restless wind inside a letter box . . .” except in my case, they weren’t meandering.  More like whooshing and my head felt like an empty, echoing cave, I’d say.

Now although there exists a formidable stubborn streak in my family, I’ve found that being middle-aged has allowed me to bend a little and to step up and admit that HTML is a bit too much for me.  Happily, when I returned to my blog home base, I discovered that updates had been made, new themes were available, and I made peace with its layout limitations.

This is my son watering plants.  Of course his hair is exaggerated but it’s basically how I see it in my head.  He’s also usually plugged in listening to the soundtrack of Les Miserables (I suppose Avenue Q had to become old hat after a while) and singing along so I thought I’d draw that in as well.

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