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There it is, I’ve just confirmed it. I work better when I’m plugged into an audiobook or when I’ve got a video going in the corner of my screen.  Last night, though, I had my laptop playing videos so they won’t eat up any of the Mac’s precious memory space that illustrating needs so much of.

When I have a project to work on, I’m in absolute contentment heaven.  It’s as much a treat for me as curling up in a cushy armchair (oversized if possible) with a good book and a bag of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms or kettle corn.  The difference is that instead of the happy food, I need to have something else going on.  I find I’m less tired that way.  I had finished an audiobook early in the afternoon and had nothing new to listen to so I thought a video would be good.

I began with a video that my cousin picked up from Blockbuster called Trick r Treat.  He said Halloween was coming.  That’s true, of course, as the months do have that habit of being inevitable and they come no matter what level of denial we’re in.

Now I loaded that video knowing fully well it was a slasher film and I was going to see blood and gore and the requisite couple-making-out-and-gets-killed scenes.  Some actors are familiar, Anna Paquin being the most recognizable.  It could be the kind of film one should pay attention to given that there are several stories going on at the same time in a little town on Halloween night but when the school principal/ disturbed father/ child murderer/pretend vampire who wears fangs and kills women becomes the victim of a group of women who are a different breed altogether (he chooses Ana Paquin as his next victim but winds up becoming the victim instead), I decided to eject the disc and put in something else.

I continued working on illustrations with Kenneth Branaugh as Henry V running on the laptop and when that was done, moved on to Music and Lyrics which never fails to entertain and amuse. When the work was done, I tidied my workspace and went off to bed humming Buddha’s Delight


This blog’s illustration will come in a bit late as I received a Facebook message this morning that read: Draw me! Draw me! 

I’m giving in to the request, of course, but as projects are pending and the deadlines are looking over my shoulder, it will have to wait.


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