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There was a bit of time to work on the drawing today.  I have to say I’m not in the least bit sorry I bought the Digital Artist magazine that seemed to be calling out to me at the bookstore.  It wasn’t cheap but it came with a CD and tons of how-to articles.   I do remember mentioning it in my last post.

Photoshop still presents quite a challenge and luckily, I work with people who are only too willing to share what they know.  Then there are people I don’t know from Adam or Eve who have no qualms about sharing their techniques and ideas.  The same is true for writers.  There is, after all, no reason not to share.  The same painting or writing technique will produce a piece of work unique to its creator for as long as the soul is part of the creation.  I think capturing the soul can be done best by the one who owns it.

Colors filled in on a different layer with a paper texture background used as an overlay–long way to go still!