This is my desktop background for Fall.  It’s not as windy or as chilly as I write this but it is Autumn and the colors outside are glorious!

This month of October has been specially auspicious.  Not only were birthdays of dear friends and family celebrated (my dad’s included), we welcomed a new addition to the family!  Karina Isabella Crisostomo Ocampo’s arrival will be featured in my other blog (motherhoodandothertalesofmagic.blogspot.com) soon as i get more fodder for the piece.

October also celebrates our first year of being here in the United States, my 27th wedding anniversary, and my husband’s landing a job.  That one in particular, is what I celebrate this month because the events that led to it seemed to be a repeat of the miracles that brought us here.

I’m not one to preach or to push religion.  I try to be a good Catholic but I can’t claim to be religious.  My attention span makes it difficult for me to pray the Rosary.  But, the one thing I’ve learned is to make use of what I’ve got and to ask for help when I need help.  So what have I got?  I’ve got plenty.

I have an awesome guardian angel who is so busy watching over not just me but my sons and my husband (I tell my angel to accompany THEIR angels), I have Saints who, in spite of their busier schedules, take time to listen to my pleas and demands and whinings, I have Mama Mary who has clearly been on top of things specially on her month, I have her Son who seems to be casting a blind eye to all my infirmities, and a Father who must have a sense of humor considering the nonstop chatter He gets from me.

Now given that I have them all on my side, is it any wonder that all things are possible to me?  There is hardly any room for doubt and so much more reason to be optimistic.  The hows and whens are not for me to worry about because I know it will be taken care of for me.  What were the chances that when my husband went with cousins one Sunday to look at a boat that the person selling the boat was a senior recruiter for a placement company that specialized in IT work? It was’t just work, it was specifically IT work.  And when we visited the Lourdes Shrine for a thanksgiving Mass that Sunday, the theme of the readings and the Gospel was gratitude!

And so my illustration is really not just about this glorious season.  It’s a reflection of how wonderful it is to be a creature of God in a world where graces and blessings swirl about and we only have to welcome them and be grateful!