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Illustration Friday: Lesson

The Illustration Friday email caught my attention today.  The word was suggested by Susan Sorrell Hill and the quote she provided was by Wole Solinka:  But the ultimate lesson is just sit down and write. That’s all.”  

Several thoughts crowded my head, almost all at the same time.  One was that I hadn’t come across the name Wole Solinka since college.  The next was that I haven’t been able to write in a while, and that I actually had to request for an extension on a writing assignment.  I also had not done  illustrations outside of work since I did Chelsea Morning and The Princess and the Pea for my friend Cindy.  I have a couple of illustrations pending but there hasn’t been a spark lately (so my apologies for keeping you waiting Tess and King).

The last thought that made it in those seconds that I was staring at the quote was something I had heard on several of Oprah’s shows.  She would repeat this over and over, too.  She said, “Lessons will keep presenting themselves until they are learned.”

And that’s why I’m here, typing up a blog entry and including a sketch to fulfill my end on the Illustration Friday enterprise.  I hem and haw at writing and illustrating (as I said, work not included because that one’s easier).  I look at the materials I have in my crafting box, knowing I have projects to finish but they are untouched even as the day comes to a close.  But as Wole Solinka said, all I have to do is to just sit down and get to it.  The comings and goings of each day should not become a convenient excuse.  If I’m to remain true to myself and to what I am, then I should sit down and write and sit down and draw (and do some dancing in between!).

I’m hoping this is a lesson that won’t keep presenting itself but if it does, it’s one that I will always welcome.

I added a link to Susan Sorrell Hill’s blog Dream & Vision in my Take a Look link.  She an artist who paints as beautifully with words as she does with watercolor, pencils, and oils.  If you have time, please click on the link and enjoy!