The Mommy-Child Connection

This entry should have made its way to my original blog (motherhoodandothertalesofmagic.blogspot.com) but as usual, I’m behind with the illustrations on this blog so it just wound up here.

The illustration is meant to go with a poem written by a friend.  I prefer not to give the history behind all of that.  Suffice it to say that this particular illustration is just the first of what later on will be a collaged piece.  The poem itself speaks of a mother’s ties with her child.

Which, when I think about it now, is probably  timely considering my youngest will be going off to college in the fall and I have not yet wrapped my head around the fact that  he won’t be coming home everyday as he would have if we were in Manila, that apart from missing his brother I will now have to deal with missing him as well, that I will have to add yet another item in my nag-the-Lord list, and that I will be holding on to another line that I wish I could yank whenever I’m afraid he will do something stupid.  Well, ready or not, I will have to content myself with the fact that he knows the line exists and that he can use it to find his way back when he needs to and more importantly, that he knows I’ll always be at the other end.


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