A Deep Breath Before Pressing the Upload Button

I feel very good about a few things this week.  Most of last week and a bit of this one was quite stressful.  I prefer to leave details of those out of my blog, though, and just focus on the happy ones.  So as I was saying, I feel almost smug about this week only because I managed to talk myself into doing a couple of “brave” things.

“Brave” is a good word for it, I think, because I tend to be timid about the things I do.  I submitted an illustration to a website called Uncovered Cover Art (have I included a link to the site on my blog?  I must remember to if I haven’t already) and the site owner, Heidi Kellenberger, sent me an email to let me know she’d be posting my illustration on the 12th (that was yesterday)!  The next “brave” thing I did was to post this fact on my Facebook wall although introducing it by writing “tooting my horn” was a dead giveaway to the natural tendency to apologize.  Maybe that wasn’t too brave.

Matter of fact, before I actually uploaded my illustration on the site, I must have left and returned to the same site several times before making up my mind to just get on with it.  I told myself the most that could happen is the illustration doesn’t pass muster and doesn’t get posted.  I’ve received rejection letters before as have many writers and artists and job-seekers and sales people have.  Happens all the time, no big deal.  So when Heidi’s email came in Sunday evening, the dark cloud hanging above my head (that I refused to admit was there) swooshed away.

There’s another thing I did today that I’m glad I did although I have terribly iffy feelings about it.  I actually wrote and mailed a letter to Joni Mitchell’s agent to ask permission to use her song Chelsea Morning.  If you’ve seen my Chelsea Morning video a few blogs back, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  I want to turn it into an ebook for children because the song is just too happy to be kept away on the shelves of an aging generation.  In fact, if I ever get to figure out the instructions on creating ebooks on the InteractBuilder site, I’d like to add interactive pages to it as well.  But all that can happen only if I get permission.  Otherwise, it stays on this blog.

So today’s illustration will not be found here.  Instead, I’m posting the link where you will find in illustration of my version of The Princess and The Pea.  By the way, the illustration is already owned by a dear friend.  I made the illustration for her on the occasion of her birthday.  Click here to see it.


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