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Illustration Friday: Influence

   Today’s illustration is for Illustration Friday‘s weekly exercise which I have not been very diligent about.  Today, though,  there is company upstairs and I begged off in my usual anti-social nature.  Actually, I’m not as anti-social as I used to be.  Age does strange things to people, it does.

    At any rate, I was just advised that the Strawberry Pavlova brought by the guests is to die for so I’m posting this illustration before emerging to partake of this must-not-miss dessert!

   I don’t know if it’s visible but I used a collage of texture brushes which saved me from digging up and scanning my bits and pieces of “just-in-case” memorabilia.  I should make a non-virtual version, really, but as the voice from this machine keeps reminding me (it announces the time every hour–it’s to remind me that there is a world out there), time is not on my side so it’s catch as catch can and this will have to do!

   Now for a slice of the Pavlova…


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