Mad Illustrating

I’m using the word mad here to mean crazy.  I’m not sure I can be angry and draw at the same time, actually, although I know that artists do that.  I’m more of the notion that if I were to leave  a piece of me in my work, I’d like for it to something happy.

Back to the craziness.  These past weeks have found me working on illustrations for different projects and while I have woken up with migraines from trying to squeeze in every possible waking minute to finish what I can, I have to admit I’m loving every bit of it.

I’m posting one of the illustrations but will hold off saying more about it until it’s all done and I have permission from the author.  Meanwhile, I’ve also opened a shop on Etsy but as it’s still a bit bare, I shall squelch my excitement and post links when it’s really ready.

This entry will have to be short as i do have to jump right back to more mad illustrating but here is the illustration I mentioned.  Hope you like it!