Three in One and a Fellow Filipino!

Sunday and Monday (20th & 21st of May) proved to be very wet days but our trip to the Jacob Javit Center in NYC was a must.  Once a year SURTEX happens and BD Lifestyles wanted to explore the unchartered (by us anyway) world of art licensing.  There were conferences to attend and I made it to The Basics of Art Licensing Part 2.  I got to meet Tara Reed (Tara Reed Designs) who was one of the speakers, and she, along with Alicia Dauber (Licensing Liaison, LLC) walked us through the realities of the art licensing world. 

That done, I made my way to the SURTEX area where my colleagues were rustling up lunch (translates to Camilo lined up to buy the food and Lyn saved a table). I couldn’t wait to finish so I could take a look at all the wonderful designs that each booth had to offer.  Since I wasn’t a manufacturer or a buyer, I had to follow show etiquette (don’t enter booth unless invited to, don’t touch and flip through samples unless invited to, don’t engage artist in conversation unless there’s no one in their booth–lots of don’ts but it’s to protect the artists).  I must have walked the SURTEX floor at least five times in those two days and I was blown away by not only by the sheer number of designs and collections, but by the artistry and the technology that made them possible.

Monday was the day I was able to really explore the Stationery Expo and found, to my delight, a fellow Filipino. It was his product that I first saw among the Best in Show display.  I wish I had my camera because I have no picture of or with him but I looked him up and did an OMG.  You’ll see why when you click on his name below.  Meanwhile, here’s what I’m talking about:

How pretty are those covers?!  They’ll preserve your cherished books, or you can repurpose your paperbacks and use them as bookends on your shelf.  On a blue day, you walk by your side or coffee table, you see those lovely words and ta-dah! Here comes the sun!

This wonderful idea is the brainchild of Resito Pecson who also owns twiggs & MOSS in St. Louis.  If you want to see more of the book covers, head on over to Say It With Book Covers for the whole line! I was going to post more from the site but best you discover them on your own.  I’m thinking they will be on my list of Christmas gifts to give this year.

The third show was the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.  We didn’t know where to look first even when we decided to do the logical thing (the logical thing being one starts at the corner of one end and proceeds to walk every aisle until one gets to the corner on the opposite end) because peripheral views promised even more eye candy! 

I loved how all three shows had different vibes and I relished (perfect word) being amidst so many talented and gifted and dedicated artists and artisans.  No matter how tiring it was, I know I came out of there recharged and inspired.