It’s a rainy Friday. I woke up this morning to the sound of tires on a wet road and that’s how I knew it was raining even before I opened my eyes. But I like the rain and I love Fridays so this is, I thought, a good time to get writing on the ol’ blog.

Fridays are special to me for several reasons.

Friday mornings I’m sure to see an email from Illustration Friday letting me know what the topic of the week is. Not that I’ve been doing any of them of late, but I try to keep up with the intention of getting around to coming up with an illustration. It just makes me feel better when I know what the topic is. It’s the same as tucking in leftover ribbon into my “treasure” box in case I’m working on a project and I happen to need just that exact ribbon. Hazards of the trade (not the writing one–the mixed media art one).

Fridays are my winding down days as well. It’s when I’ve done most of the week’s work and have enough free time to immerse myself in other projects. Right now, it’s finishing up the painting on two wooden trays from Michael’s. Our tiny living room needs a bit more color and fun. Plus, I’d like to be able to set my glass or mug on the ottoman without worrying about spills. Function and fun–it’s a standard I like to keep at my home (the missing element is the pet but it’s not possible for now so I have to content myself with my poor tomato plant that’s still alive in spite of me).

Then there’s Joanna’s blog. Joanna Marple is a writer, an adventurer, a lover of the written word, and every Friday, she posts Perfect Picture Book Friday. She includes the book cover, a synopsis, a review, and even links to resources. Joanna is also very diligent about sharing her resources and finds on Facebook and this past few months, I’ve come to discover so many other wonderful writers and artists and articles that I may never have found. She’s also backpacked her way to different continents, doing what she loves so needless to say, I’m a fan.

This particular Friday, thanks to Joanna, I found Poetry Friday Kids’ Classic which is on a site called No Water River. The site is owned by Renee LaTulippe and she has videos of the poems which I think are brilliant. There are also resource links for parents and teachers and lovers of picture books and poetry. What’s not to love?

And finally, Friday is when my husband comes home from work! I tell my friends I’m like Ina Garten that way except I don’t cook like she does or live in the Hamptons (but hey, I live above a flower shop, right?).

A bit of a warning before I post the illustrations I’ve done for a T-shirt line I’m setting up (I’m just waiting for a sample to arrive before I do a shout out). We have a juicer that’s about to be delivered by Amazon. This was ordered with the intention of taking on a healthier lifestyle (I’m vegan six out of seven days a week and if I’m offending die-hard vegans, please remember these are personal choices we make and life is too short to be just black and white when there are so many wonderful colors in between–and I don’t mean the greys but I won’t even go there). This means the next post could be about the whole juicing experience.

Meanwhile, here are the illustrations! More to come in the line before I move on to another theme.

Happy weekend!