After sitting through Stephen King’s The Stand and jabbing my fingers a few times with the felting needle (I truly was warned), my little guy’s finally done! Well, I should probably say “about done” because unless I’ve put it away, nothing I work on is ever quite done. I’d like to start work on his friend and make a proper setting for them but that will depend not only on my ability to manage my time but the space available in the apartment.

You might be thinking that I exaggerate–it is a small rabbit, after all. But after my FB share of the ParaNorman behind-the-scene footages, well….

I know, I know. I’m very ambitious.

It’s a nice thought, though. As I told one of my friends who commented on that post, it’s always a wonderful thing to be able to create magical, imagined worlds. Even more wonderful is the fact that it can be done not only with sculpted creatures but with words or illustrations or even movement and music.

Hmmm…now there’s a thought.

Meanwhile, here’s Little Rabbit! As an aside, I meant for his tummy and ears to be more on the pink side but that’s what I get for working in low light. I didn’t realize the wool was more purple than pink!


One thought on “Rabbit!

  1. Came to visit from our flying Sisters website group! LOVE your blog, ADORE your illustrations, and love your writing style! I really enjoyed looking at your WIX website and thank you so much for answering my question about it on the group!!!


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