Happy Finds

Launch date of my book, Erin, is looming up ahead and in spite of the lists I’ve managed to write and rewrite, it looks like I’ve not successfully squashed every bit of anxiety that’s nagging away at me. But this post isn’t about sharing the anxiety. Best to focus on good things and this weekend came with a couple of them.

The first happy find was a little contraption that maybe not many of you might appreciate. I had been sewing a little skirt for my niece’s little girl that required loads of ruffling. Skirts are not hard to sew. Neither are ruffles. But making the ruffles can take forever and no matter how small that skirt is, the ruffles (specially if they come in tiers) can certainly hog most of your day. Then I sewed up a simpler skirt for myself that I posted on my Happify.com page. The ruffles were more sedate and made up only the bottom part of the hem. It still look longer than I thought. That’s when I remembered seeing an attachment for sewing machines that made ruffles.

the sedate ruffles

That sparked the urge to go to Joanne’s. I wasn’t sure if they even had it and I had forgotten to check online. But a visit to Joanne’s is always a treat (at least for me–the hubby makes sure to bring his music or a tablet to keep himself entertained while I’m inspecting bolts of fabric or skeins of yarn that I’ve convinced myself I need). After a detour along the “special cotton fabrics on sale” aisle, I worked my way to the notions area. And there it was! The ruffling contraption thing! I asked one of the ladies if it’d work on any sewing machine and she said it probably would since it was a generic brand for as long as it wasn’t on a quilting machine.

I have not tried it out yet as this was the weekend I announced on Facebook that I would be working on the floor cloth that’s about to have a birthday (truth be told, it’s probably had one already but my brain doesn’t process time lines very efficiently).

Next happy find was yesterday. It was also the first outdoor Sunday Mass at the Lourdes Grotto Shrine – pilgrimage season opens in May. It was a sunshine and cool breezes day and we were thinking of where to have lunch. As we passed through Bantam, we decided to take a peek at the Arethusa Farm store. There was a sign that said “Butter like it used to taste.” Who can resist that? I had resolved to stay away from butter since I’ve been trying to avoid all kinds of dairy but while I can easily resist meat and sodas and alcohol, it’s never been quite the same with butter. Butter and I are friends!

The store smelled like milk. I don’t particularly like milk. I feel that should be said upfront. But this milk smell conjured up the kind of deliciousness that you know comes from something fresh and real, something that couldn’t possibly be in a carton on a supermarket shelf. If you’re from Manila, you might think of the pastillas de leche made from carabao’s milk and that’s not even close! We walked out of there with a pint of mint chip ice cream and some cultured butter.

Fast forward to later that afternoon in the apartment (we did find a place to eat but I’m going to save that for the next post because The Bantam Inn Seafood Restaurant will need more than just a blurb). It wasn’t long before the ticking of the oven toaster told me someone couldn’t wait to taste the butter! I could still feel lunch so I just ventured a sampling.

My resolve to stay away from butter dwindled into a fast-fading memory. A lot of happy in that butter!

Now back to prepping for the book launch. If you still haven’t heard, take a peek here.


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