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Summer’s almost over and I’m looking forward to cooler days and bursts of color. There’s lots of winding down to do and a few things to get going.

First bit of news is that The Pink Net Newsletter is finally in the works. I had been doing some major assessments of the things I’ve got on my overcrowded plate and finally decided that it’s time to consider a less manic and ambitious approach. Time to simplify and organize. Of course simplifying isn’t quite as simple or as easy as people make it out to be. There’s lots of posts on Facebook about it–on Pinterest as well. Simplifying is a¬†whole ¬†project in itself.

Moving on. I decided my website needed paring down. I enjoyed creating the illustrations that link to different pages on and off the site but I realized it was done because I wanted to share so many things other than just my work. But if the website is supposed to function as a portfolio, then it’s just too busy. Hence the Newsletter!

The Newsletter is where I can share my finds with anyone interested. For instance, I’d love to be able to recommend Dr. Melissa West’s yoga site but it has no real place on my website. Then there’s the Picture Book Academy run by the wonderful Mira Reisberg who has an equally wonderful laugh. How do I tell you about Michelle Fifis’ classes on textile and surface design? Or about the books and audiobooks that you simply can’t miss? And because as a diabetic, I tend to obsess about finding the right food, how can I not share my finds with others who have health-related issues? And has anyone tried Annmarie Gianni’s natural skincare line?

You might say I could do it right here and I really could. But I’d have to remind myself that I started this mainly because I wanted to push myself to keep illustrating whether I had a project or not. Of course when the projects came, I lost the real raison d’etre of the blog but that’s now part of my simplifying process.

I’m hoping you’ll consider being part of my mailing list. I promise not to crowd out your inbox with newsletters. You’ll get a newsletter once a month, twice at the most but that should be rare. Most updates will be on The Pink Net site on Facebook. If you want to give it a try, send me your email on the contact page of this blog or my website at There’s always the unsubscribe option in every newsletter so opting out is easy!

I mentioned the picture book course in the last blog. It was a blast! There were so many resources provided by Mira, it took a while to digest it all. I’m not sure if Mira will be having another course on illustration now that she’s put on another hat as a Literary Agent but I do know she’s having one on writing children’s books.

One of the best parts of the course was being part of a critique group. Every week, we had assignments and posting/critiquing schedules. The illustration I’m posting here is just one of a couple that I did during the course. I haven’t had the chance to edit it as suggested by my classmates, but I’d like to post it anyway. It’s based on a former student (thank you, Pat!), who so generously allowed me to use her pictures as reference.