Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

I’m afraid I’ve never been one to do any kind of goal-setting. I’m just not disciplined enough unless it’s something that has to be done for work. Does that count? The deadlines set for me are easy enough to tackle because there is accountability–someone to answer to.

As a teacher, I had to prepare lessons plans (though some lessons plans were made after the fact), get grades and evaluation work done and submitted on time. As a school administrator, I was part of a goal-setting workshop. But on my own, I’ve been on a short-term goal binge jumping here and there, trying one thing out and moving on when it’s done to something else that might be totally different.

It was never in me to think of long-term anything. Until now. Which must be because I’m older and maybe a bit tired of not just not having roots but also of wondering where the next road will take me. It must also have something to do with being married to someone who likes to nest. My husband does a great job of keeping me grounded when I’m apt to take off to heaven knows where but he’s also wise enough to let me wander about when I need to. Maybe it’s time to do a little nesting myself.

Then January brought on lots of blogs that talked about goal-setting and in the middle of a copywriting assignment, I stopped and realized I had to do it too. I had to make a decision, set a goal, and work on it. I also had to be accountable and I know that writing about it and posting it for the world to see is a good way of making sure I get it done.

I had signed on for the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp earlier this year and when I came to my goal -making decision, it hit me that the Bootcamp would be a great starting point. Every month, I’d have an assignment that would lead to artwork for a specific type of product. At the end of each month, whatever I come up with will be part of a gallery that will be viewed by other participants as well as people from the industry. At the end of 6 months, I’d have a portfolio (which I never got around to doing in all my years of doing artwork) that I didn’t just rush or slap together for the sake of having one.

I had gone through a rediscovery of my own creative voice when I took the Hero’s Art Journey course with Mira Reisberg at what used to be the the Picture Book Academy (now the Children’s Book Academy) but I didn’t know where to take it. I also wrestled with having to decide if I will continue writing and illustrating children’s books or focus on just illustration. I even took a course on creating pattern repeats with Michelle Fifis  because I did want to have a real textile design collection but I couldn’t stay focused long enough. I haven’t closed the door to children’s books and I still have the textile design idea going on (specially because I’m now a granny to little Sophie) but for now I’d like to focus on this bootcamp. 
The goal for 2014 is to learn the discipline of creating designs for product lines, actually finishing them, making the submission, and completing a really good portfolio. It will take several months–I’m not very patient when it comes to things like these so that in itself will be quite an undertaking!
I’m actually looking forward to it. The bootcamp began today and I read up on this week’s assignment as soon as I sat in front of the computer. Already my head is full of ideas and I can’t wait to start doodling!
Whether I flit about doing one thing and then another, this one goal will stay constant. There will be other goal-making ideas coming up for sure but I have to be realistic. I know myself well enough to limit certain expectations I have of myself. Taming the gypsy will take more than one sleepless night.  
Meanwhile, here is the painting I worked on last week. I hadn’t planned on it. I saw a page in one of my magazines and I just felt like painting. I used the model as a guide for the pose and just as I would a floor cloth, I filled her up with patterns. The audiobook I had on was The Uninvited by Liz Jensen courtesy of the town library. Maybe it influenced the mood!
The colors are darker on the actual painting and I used metallic paint for some of the patterns as well as her top.
The flower prints are from stamps I carved. The daisy-like flowers on the left were stamped on tissue first then layered onto the painting. The rectangular objects on the right are from the side of part of the carving block leftovers.
I wasn’t aware of it at the time but when my husband saw it, he asked if I was channeling by being Filipino. That’s when I realized the dress resembled one of many Philippine costumes! 
Except for the patterns, this is not my usual type of work. I like things lighthearted, whimsical, and mostly bright. I’ll chalk it up to the audiobook.


2 thoughts on “Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

  1. I think setting goals, when doing realistically, can be very rewarding. It helps you maintain focus when so many things can distract you and it gives you a sense of accomplishment once you reach them. I've come up with 6 major goals for 2014 that I broke down in many sub-steps because they seemed overwhelming as is and I didn't know where to start. Since then, I have a clear roadpath on where I want to take my life. Will I get it all done this year? I have no idea but at least I have set a direction and hopefully I'll avoid wasting my precious time on items that won't contribute to my goals. Good luck getting your goals done!


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