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The Cuckoo Clock Without A Cuckoo

Third week into the MATS Assignment Bootcamp! The last week of every month is a rest period so I’m planning to work on some much delayed projects. I’ve also been working on the website revamp although the shop has only one item so far and the portfolio page needs quite a bit of dredging. I can’t think of a better word but considering what I’m supposed to be doing with it, dredging seems to be a perfect fit.

I recently reached out to fellow children’s book illustrator Christine Tripp on LinkedIn. She alerted me to the fact that my portfolio could do with some cleaning up (she was being kind, of course) and even offered to help me choose which pieces should populate the page. The cardinal rule when showing a portfolio is to show ONLY your best and strongest work even if it means having just one or two of them. It’s a really subjective business with no room for ego.
It works the same way with surface design. In the MATS course, we’re encouraged to explore and have fun and to use our own style and voice even while working within specific guidelines. At the same time, there’s no telling if an agent or manufacturer will take a liking to your work. The important thing is to put yourself out there.
This month’s Bootcamp subject matter happens to be cuckoo clocks! I’ve avoided clocks and watches except when absolutely necessary because I don’t do very well with the “hurry-hurry-ding-ding” kind of life. Cuckoo clocks are fascinating and very story book but they’re still clocks and I’m not sure I like being reminded about the time by a mechanical bird that sings only two notes. However, I did jump right in with sketches (both in my notebook and my tablet, depending on what I was holding when the ideas hit).
I didn’t use the sketch above for the assignment but I did want to work on it. Notice there’s no cuckoo anywhere? Doesn’t make it much of a cuckoo clock and no one wants a yowling cat for sure but I was thinking that if I were to put a clock in my imaginary fancy kitchen, this is what I’d use. It might even be more fun if I removed the cars since weights won’t be necessary to wind up the clock, have a shallow platform and put a Matchbox car instead. Maybe a miniature Batmobile or a Scooby-Doo van. Or a bright orange VW bug.
Anyway, I brought the scanned image into Photoshop, added color and texture, and voila! My non-cuckoo cuckoo clock!
I still think a bright orange VW bug will be perfect for it. 
I should hunt down a clock maker.

4 thoughts on “The Cuckoo Clock Without A Cuckoo

  1. Your clock design looks very cool, Monette! Did the cat eat the cuckoo? I have an old Swatch watch with a very cool feature, but I've never seen it on another watch or clock here. The numbers rotate with the clock, so they're not all vertical but their bottom is turned towards the center. So the 3 is sideways, the 6 upside down, etc. I love that design!


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