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I was going to the let week go without posting on any of my blogs. I’ve been under the weather–not something that happens a lot but I guess when the hubby stepped off the train a couple of weeks ago, he had invisible guests who came over to stay for a while. So there, sniff, sniff, cough, cough, and all that.

A couple of days ago, someone on the news mentioned that today, March 20, was the first day of Spring. I know lots of people are looking forward to warmer weather and most of the posts I see have something to the tune of “I’m so done with snow/cold/winter!” A couple of posts from people who must have the same dread when it comes to heat as I do still posted how much they love snow. All the same, everything seems to brighten up a bit with the word Spring.

Again, I had no intention of doodling something up because I wanted to rest some more. Like napping, I’m not too good at resting. Resting makes me restless and my mind, in spite of its cottony clouded state, never really stops. But I did want to give it a go.

Of course it didn’t work. The image wouldn’t leave. I went over my email, checked my to-do list in case there were things that couldn’t wait (none), I even played Township on my iPad thinking I’d get sleepy or something. Finally, I picked up a pencil and started to doodle. Then I dropped the pencil and moved over to my computer and picked up my stylus. I also had some old music on. The combination tends to be lethal and I didn’t get up until I had drawn my Spring doodle, posted it on Facebook, and used it as my new profile picture.

As an aside, Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called To Say I Love You was playing. I know, it’s unusual that I didn’t have an audiobook on. For the record, I’m now listening to White Cargo by Stuart Woods although I’m not sure if I’ll finish it. It’s not holding me the way Under the Lake did.
On the surface design note, I’m about ready to upload this month’s assignment to the Bootcamp Gallery pages. Drawing jello stuff was fun even if I’m not a huge fan of jello. Lilla’s Nougat color palette was yummy and I switched out the original colors I started with. Here’s a peek at one of the prints I came up with:
Next post will feature wearable art and patterns I found from Tina Givens! I can’t wait to share those!
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Writing Letters and Snail Mail

I’ve mailed out the postcard for the The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap, the blog hop went live Monday, and I’ve tweeted (and been retweeted which was a thrill for me!) and Facebooked. I’ve discovered other artists who are just as drawn to paper as I am, followed their blogs, and gained more followers of my Paper With Everything blog as well. It was a blast and I have a feeling I’m going to be participating again next year!

With all that settled, I turned to the business of working on this month’s designs for the MATS Assignment Bootcamp. This morning, when I needed a break from illustrating wire whisks, I watched Monica Lee’s latest interview on her Smart Creative Women website and learned about a letter-writing campaign that was started by the editor of Stationery Trends Magazine, Sarah Schwartz. It brought back the idea of making postcards every so often and sending them out to friends when they’d least expect it. Nowadays it’s greetings on Facebook walls or text messages but I still think nothing beats receiving real cards or postcards.
Sarah’s campaign is quite simple. You send her a card or postcard that you particularly like and let her know why. She then sends you notecards for you to use on future snail mailing ventures! You can read more about it here. Or watch the interview:
I’d like to start something like it but as I don’t have sponsors who will provide the notecards, I thought I’d do it this way: send me your mailing address and I will write you the old fashioned way via snail mail. I may send you a hand made card or a postcard I’ve found that I fell in love with. Either way, you’ll be getting mail in your mailbox and not in your email inbox or your Facebook message page.
You’ll probably say that it’s a lot to do and everyone’s busy and all. I know all that–I do several things and am forever announcing that there are never enough hours in a day. But I find that I make time for the things I like to do (like post on FB or watch an interview or play PvZ, Township, and any one of my Emily games) and making things is something I LOVE doing. So that’s that. If you like snail mail, let me know. Doesn’t matter where in the world you are. I’ll mail one to you!
Meanwhile, here is my wire whisk. I also found good use for one of the cutouts I used for the blog hop.
The bowls came first. I wanted something a bit retro.

And here is the cutout which I’ve put to more good use!


What’s not to love about paper?

Pages of them can contain all sorts of words and, bound together,

create a book that can transform your world. Or you.

You can take a sheet of paper and draw on it.


You can fold paper and make something useful or just fun.


You can recycle paper.

If you take the teabag you just used for that cup of tea,

you can throw out the tea then wash and dry the bag.

Then you can make something pretty with it.


There are paper artists and paper architects who do beautiful things with paper like this one by Debbie of Perfect Papercuts

Jeremiah Papercut 2013

but you can always try something fast and simple too.


Like a simple pop-up. Or a paper doll. Or a book marker.


Paper can be folded, cut, scored, sewn, crumpled, pasted.

Bits and pieces can be thrown into a blender with water and starch to make new paper!

You can create a whole new world of your own with paper (and lots of imagination!).

What’s not to love about paper?



The PaperLove Blog Hop is a celebration of all things paper! Follow the links to discover more bloggers who love paper and use it to inspire and delight. And if you want to explore a whole world of paper, and stretch your paper passion further with a host of creative projects, why not join the innovative new online course PaperLove (starts March 31). Led by book artist Rachel Hazell, PaperLove is a five week creative adventure for paper lovers. Find out more here.

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