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I was going to the let week go without posting on any of my blogs. I’ve been under the weather–not something that happens a lot but I guess when the hubby stepped off the train a couple of weeks ago, he had invisible guests who came over to stay for a while. So there, sniff, sniff, cough, cough, and all that.

A couple of days ago, someone on the news mentioned that today, March 20, was the first day of Spring. I know lots of people are looking forward to warmer weather and most of the posts I see have something to the tune of “I’m so done with snow/cold/winter!” A couple of posts from people who must have the same dread when it comes to heat as I do still posted how much they love snow. All the same, everything seems to brighten up a bit with the word Spring.

Again, I had no intention of doodling something up because I wanted to rest some more. Like napping, I’m not too good at resting. Resting makes me restless and my mind, in spite of its cottony clouded state, never really stops. But I did want to give it a go.

Of course it didn’t work. The image wouldn’t leave. I went over my email, checked my to-do list in case there were things that couldn’t wait (none), I even played Township on my iPad thinking I’d get sleepy or something. Finally, I picked up a pencil and started to doodle. Then I dropped the pencil and moved over to my computer and picked up my stylus. I also had some old music on. The combination tends to be lethal and I didn’t get up until I had drawn my Spring doodle, posted it on Facebook, and used it as my new profile picture.

As an aside, Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called To Say I Love You was playing. I know, it’s unusual that I didn’t have an audiobook on. For the record, I’m now listening to White Cargo by Stuart Woods although I’m not sure if I’ll finish it. It’s not holding me the way Under the Lake did.
On the surface design note, I’m about ready to upload this month’s assignment to the Bootcamp Gallery pages. Drawing jello stuff was fun even if I’m not a huge fan of jello. Lilla’s Nougat color palette was yummy and I switched out the original colors I started with. Here’s a peek at one of the prints I came up with:
Next post will feature wearable art and patterns I found from Tina Givens! I can’t wait to share those!

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