I’ve had surface design occupying most of my attention these past weeks. Even while working on a few sewing projects (“summering up” my son’s bed as well as my wardrobe), I was rifling through design images in my head. Then there was a voice constantly nagging me about updating my website and portfolio as well as organizing the pattern collections I had already had for uploading to Spoonflower.

Well, out of the blue, a cousin popped me a message on Facebook. Would I be able to help her come up with a simple guestbook for her wedding? And just like that, my brain made space for a new project. 

Because I had been on that surface design binge, the first thing that came to mind was to do something with watercolor. Then I thought about doing something with lino prints. I think I may have gotten carried away because at some point, I had to remind myself that I was making a one-page book that guests could sign. That’s when it hit me. A book! A handmade book! A pop-up book!

This led to looking around the internet for inspiration and my go-to for pop-ups is Robert Sabuda. I first heard about Robert Sabuda from a friend who heads the Philippine chapter of the SCBWI, Beaulah Taguiwalo. She had met him on one of the conferences. I actually emailed him to let him know that I was a fan of his work and that it was Beau who led me to his website. To my surprise, he emailed back! So now I’m a Robert Sabuda fan for life.

The picture below shows a page from his Alice in Wonderland pop-up book. He has about 25 of these pop-ups, some of which are out of print. He also shares templates and instructions on his website which can be found here



During my search, I came across Shawn Sheehy. He also has engaging pop-up books and is a paper engineer. The commercial work he’s done had more to do with “engineering” the pop-ups rather than doing the illustrations. I once saw a video of how paper engineers come up with complicated pop-ups and decided that it was too much for my brain to handle. This is why I appreciate templates that incredibly gifted artists like Robert and Shawn share. I don’t use the design but I follow the folds.

There are hundreds of pop-up cards and books posted on Pinterest so rather than populate this post with more images, it might be more fun if you grab some iced-tea (bubble tea if you can manage it!) and spend some quality time with pop-up eye candy. I, on the other hand, will begin figuring out my guestbook project which will be the topic of my future posts.

Got your drink ready? Then head on to Pinterest and enjoy your Friday afternoon!


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