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Still Lagging Behind

In my Paper With Everything blog, I mentioned a discovery about myself that really shouldn’t have been a discovery. Considering the trouble I have with routines, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that a 30-day Challenge would be a major challenge. But, here I am and happy to report that I’m still at it in spite of the fact that I scrunched up three prompts together in one sketch and as it’s already Thursday, am now still two prompts behind.

However, I did finish my entries for GTS as well as another design for the MIID Summer School. There’s also the tear sheet that’s been updated and I’m just trying to gather up enough courage to send it off to publishing houses and design companies. My cork board has bits of paper with ideas that I’ve lined up along with magazine pages I’ve collaged into a vision board of sorts.

These were originally on some of the pages of a large sketchpad that was the designated vision book. But then a gust of wind sent the blinds inwards knocking the vase of flowers on my table over. Unfortunately, the sketchpad was on the table and as I wasn’t in the room when it happened, some of the pages got wet. The good thing about wet paper is that it dries pretty quickly so I didn’t lose any of my pages. I just moved them to a binder with protector sheets! 
As I was reconfiguring them to fit into the binder, I decided that some of them should be on the cork board within plain sight instead of tucked away in pages I barely have time to look at. I’m particularly proud of the biggest one that practically shouts NO MORE BILLS.
As for the art for this post, here’s the platypus I sketched on my iPad (this time using Sketchbook Pro). The video option was a recent discovery so I couldn’t resist using it. By the way, the Blogger default includes a YouTube link but it’s not posted there.

8 thoughts on “Still Lagging Behind

  1. So glad I came by Monette. A day in the life of an artist :)… I liked the picture of your corkboard and yes to getting these visions out in plain view. Your platypus is hilarious. And I'm with Suzi… I love that picture at the top of your blog. Delightful . Yes, show your art !


  2. Monette, you do seem very busy but sorry to hear about the wind. Hope you find a routine that works and that you continue to enjoy making your beautiful art. I particularly love your drawing at the top of your blog. It's gorgeous. 🙂


  3. That “No more Bills” sure did jump off your page through the computer and into my mind. I am sooooo there with you. So glad you were able to salvage your pages. I need to start in on a vision board too so it's right in front of my face from day to day.


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