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Sweet November

I haven’t decided what November really is for me. The words “Sweet November” have been imprinted in my mind ever since I saw the movie on TV–the original one with Anthony Newley and Sandy Dennis. I think it’s during the ending when credits begin rolling in that you hear Anthony Newley singing the song. I even remember the lyrics!

Sweet November,
they say you’re wintry and gray
and yet this love that you bring
is sweeter than Spring and warmer than May

I can’t remember November’s sunshine
more beautiful than today
fleeting, it’s true, but what can I do
to make sweet November stay?

Come December, 
when our November is through
I’ll face the Winter and smile
for I know that I’ll be thinking of you

When I remember November’s sunshine
I won’t mind December’s rain.
For me it’ll be like sweet November again.

I could be wrong but I think Mr. Newley wrote the song as well. I may have missed out on some of the lyrics, too, but those are the ones I remember.
November seems like a month where you’re holding your breath in anticipation of December 25th. You might be tempted to remind me about Thanksgiving but that’s a tradition that’s still new to me. I grew up with Christmas and New Year’s Day and that’s how it was for about 50 years for me.
November is when I tell myself I’ve begun to plan my gift-giving strategies too late. 
November used to be the time when my friend Cindy and I would brave the bazaars. She didn’t mind driving through Manila traffic and I didn’t mind that she drove like a Jeepney driver (to understand that, you might have to travel to the Philippines and ride on one of the Jeepneys). I miss those days. Cindy and I often think back to those days when we do get to talk.
November is when I pick up a couple of items for just-in-case gifts and am always thankful for when it’s crunch time on Christmas Eve and I realize I had unchecked names on my list.
November is also the name of a former student of mine who used to fill her journal with all sorts of angsty doodles which I genuinely enjoyed. Should I have been alarmed? Umm, no. She went on to be an amazing artist who loves cats and enjoys snail mail as I do.
And speaking of snail mail, November is when I try to get Christmas cards that have to get sent overseas out. I can see the pile I have to address from the corner of my eye. Maybe I’ll tackle them tonight. 
This year’s November began with unusually cold weather and lots of rain. They say it’ll be snowing which could make traveling for Thanksgiving a challenge. As I’m typing this entry up, the skies outside are gray but the cold has eased up and I’m able to put on one of my favorite made-in-India dresses and a light cardigan. That’s always good.
I doubt if I’ll ever think of November as sweet. I’d say it’s quite eventful specially since in these past few years, November has meant getting together with family and friends, some of whom drive all the way from Virginia! Even more recently, November now marks the birthdays of three very special little people–my first grandchild, Sophie, and my sister’s first grandchildren, Cole and Nate.
Maybe instead of sweet, November for me will always be frenzied and joyful and in some ways, bittersweet.
And in my usual Johnny-come-lately mode, here’s something I just put up on my Zazzle shop. Shameless advertising but hey, I’m my own marketing manager!

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