I’ve been having a bit of a problem with my other blog (Painting Words). I can’t access the dashboard so I haven’t been able to update the progress on my bags. It seems as if my procrastinating reached the Universe’s limit and it was decided that something needed to be done.

What am I talking about? Well, for a while now, I’ve been thinking of merging my blogs. I have one about motherhood, one about my art and writing, and this one that’s supposed to be mostly about paper. What possessed me to have three blogs? I’m 56, memory challenged, and if I’m not painting or writing, I’m sewing. Half the time, the bedroom which also functions as my studio is in a state of disarray. Let me mention here though, that the Virgo in me steps in to put things in order once a project is finished. It’s hard to think in a messy space.

Anyway, it occurred to that it was time to simplify. The blogs would simply have to be merged. My website also needs quite a bit of paring down. I announced on my Facebook page that I’d be doing this and changed my profile picture to a quick BRB (Be Right Back) doodle.

BRBI’m thinking of a new blog name that won’t limit my content to just motherhood or just art or just writing or even just paper (even if it does say paper with everything!). If you have suggestions, please send them over!

Meanwhile, in between everything else, I shall also be happily working on some orders for the hand painted bags and journal covers. I also just ordered fabric from Zazzle and promised them a blog post about it so that’s coming up in the next post.

Here’s to the start of an interesting and productive week!